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Weatherization is a program that helps low-income families become more economically secure by offering a hand-up, not a handout. The purpose of Weatherization is to increase the energy efficiency of dwellings owned or occupied by low-income persons, particularly elderly people with disabilities, families with children, by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, insuring their health and safety, and reducing their residential expenditures.

Typical weatherization measures include installing insulation, air-sealing tactics like caulking, weather-stripping, and replacing primary windows and doors. Funds are also used to perform basic heating tune-ups and repairs. After weatherization to the home is completed, clients receive instructions on the proper use and maintenance of the installed weatherization measures.

Weatherization works to provide long-term solutions to energy problems; improved health and safety conditions, increased comfort for the occupants, reduction of homelessness, and extended lifetime of affordable housing. MOCA's Weatherization Assistance Program delivers results for low-income families and communities.


What counties does the Weatherization Program cover?

Camden, Crawford, Gasconade, Laclede, Maries, Miller, Phelps and Pulaski counties. 

How long is the waiting list?

The Weatherization Program is required to provide services to families in all eight of the counties we serve. The number served is based on a percentage of families in poverty in those counties. In some counties, we have several families on the list, so those counties may have to wait longer than families in counties where we have received a very limited amount of application and in that case, the wait could be much shorter. 

What type of services will Weatherization provide to my home?

Every home is different.  We have staff that will do an audit/initial inspection on your home.  The inspector will do a blower door test to determine air leakage in the home. The inspector will look at all areas of your home notating measurements of doors, windows, insulation levels in the attic, floor and walls. If there are combustion appliances in the home, those appliances will be tested to ensure they are working properly. Once the inspector has gathered all of the required information, that information will be entered into a computer program designed for the Weatherization Program that will list the measures that are cost effective to be installed in the home. MOCA's Weatherization Crew will perform the work to the home.  If there are heating & cooling issues or electrical issues, MOCA will contract with contractors to provide those services for the home. 

I am a renter. Am I eligible to receive Weatherization Services?

If you are a renter, your landlord will be required to sign an agreement specifying he will not raise the rent for two years without just cause, and he cannot give you a notice to move unless you have violated your lease.  If there are issues with the heating/cooling or water heater, and a replacement is required, the landlord will have to pay for that repair. The Weatherization Program are restricted from paying for that repair. We strongly encourage landlords to contribute towards the weatherization of the home, but it is not a requirement for the tenant to receive services.  

Do I have to pay anything for Weatherization?

If you meet eligibility guidelines for the Weatherization Program, you are not required to pay anything towards the weatherization to your home.  

Who is eligible for Weatherization?

Eligibility for Weatherization is based on your gross income. The income limits are 200% of federal poverty guidelines. The income guidelines are attached to the application. 

Do you provide Weatherization Services for mobile homes?

We provide Weatherization Services for single family dwellings (houses), mobile homes, and multi-family units up to 4 units.

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The eligibility for both programs are based on income and household size.


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