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Mission:  Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is to assist low income households, particularly those with the lowest income that pay a high proportion of household income for home energy, primarily in meeting their immediate home energy needs.

Please note:  incomplete applications, or applications missing required documentation, cannot be processed until everything requested by our LIHEAP team has been provided.





No appointments are necessary to apply for EA (Energy Assistance), a customer visits, calls, emails, or faxes to our office requesting energy assistance, completes an application each year, and provides the required supporting documents (such as proof of income, copies of social security cards, and utility bills.) Applications are categorized based on the severity of the applicant’s emergency – households with shut-off notices are given priority over those who are not in imminent danger of disconnection.

Once the paperwork is received, our team goes to work entering the required information into the state computer program which calculates if the applicant qualifies and what the amount of their energy benefit will be.

Once the application is processed and verified MOCA will notify the utility company with a “pledge” of the customer’s benefit amount to participating utility companies, only.  The state then sends participating utility companies reports/listing of applicants who must be confirmed as their customer.  Once confirmed THE STATE OF MISSOURI, (not MOCA) will cut an energy assistance check and send it to the vendor directly.

For those households with nonparticipating utility companies, the EA check will be mailed directly to the customer as long as a correct/current mailing address is used.  An incorrect mailing address will cause a delay in the customer receiving the EA check if their mailing address is incorrect.


Energy Crisis Intervention Program- ECIP

The ECIP program provides payment of energy bills when an eligible household is disconnected or threatened with disconnection.  ECIP funds are emergency funds to households who have already been approved for EA and currently have a new or secondary disconnection notice.

Pledges are made for ECIP eligible customers by our LIHEAP team.  Once approved ECIP checks are cut and mailed out by MOCA directly to utility companies.  Payment is NEVER issued to any customer.

To qualify for ECIP funds, a household must be approved to Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) and submit a copy of a shut office notice for electric, natural gas, etc. or fall below 20% in a propane tank. (No BBQ tanks allowed)





Winter assistance begins November 1 for the elderly -60 or older or disabled and December 1 for all other households.  No funds will be available for utility assistance prior to those dates.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact MOCA (Energy Assistance) @ 573-765-3263.


What do you need when you apply?

If everyone in your home RECEIVES Food Stamps


If No One/only some in your home receive Food Stamps

Failure to provide proper documentation and application forms will result in a delay in processing your assistance application.


After you apply:

What happens after you apply?

If our office requires additional paperwork, information, or clarification, you will be issued a letter like this:

If/when you receive this letter in the mail PLEASE READ.  This is a time sensitive letter.   If you do not get your application back to MOCA by the date on this form, your application will be denied.  Once denied, you will have to complete a whole new application.

All this form means is that we need a bit of extra information of some sort from you.  Details will be highlighted on the form.  You are NOT required to complete the entire form.  If you need longer than the allotted 10 days to return the requested information, call MOCA (Energy Assistance) @ 573-765-3263.




LIHEAP offers assistance during both the winter months and the summer months.







Common Energy Assistance Questions and Answers

Q: How can I apply for help with my Utility bill?

a. Fill out and then print the Heating/Cooling Assistance application, you can find it online at

b. Sign your name in blue or black ink

c. Send or take your completed application and all required documentation to MOCA


Q: A person with a disability lives in my home.  When can I apply and expect payment?

You can apply starting October 1.  Payments from the State begin November 1.


Q: A person 60 or over lives in my home.  When can I apply and expect payment?

You can apply starting October 1.  Payments from the State begin November 1.


Q: My family has no one over the age of 60 or drawing disability.  When can I apply and expect payment?

You can apply starting November 1.  Payments from the State begin December 1.


Q: How will I know if I am approved or denied?

Approval or denial letters will begin to go out in November from the State of Missouri. 


Q:  What should I do if I moved after I submitted my application?

You will need to complete a new application with your new address and submit it and a copy of the fuel bill which shows your new address.


Q: Since Energy Assistance started a month later, will the program end a   month later?

NO, the program ends March 31st.


Q: Once I am approved, do I need to complete another application to get more help?

A new application is needed only if you have moved, changed your main heat source, or your household members have changed.


Q: Do I fill out an application every time I bring in a disconnect notice?

NO, a new application is needed only if you have moved, changed your main heat source, or your household members have changed.


Q: Do I fill out an application in June for the summer crisis program?

The summer program can only assist you if your electric is in threat of disconnection or already shut off.  You do not need to complete an application if you received energy assistance the previous winter.  If you have moved, you will need to complete a new application.


Q: I mailed in my application with all requested information, how long will it take to process my application?

Applications are processed within 30 business day, unless you have a disconnect notice or are already shut off.









LIHEAP Application

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rgy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) is available to families who are in an energy crisis, have a disconnect notice and are unable to pay the bill. This assistance may be available more than once a year.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.